Editing Services

In addition to general proofreading, copyediting, and content editing services, I have more than a decade’s worth of experience working with academic authors publishing dissertations, top-tiered journal articles, chapters, and books. I have worked on projects in the fields of K-12 education, second language learning, higher education, and social justice, among others. I have also worked closely with doctoral students and professors who are second language authors. I am familiar with APA and MLA formatting and reference styles. Below are basic descriptions of the services I offer, followed by an estimate of the number of double-spaced pages (250 words per page) that can be processed per hour.

  • Proofreading — Correct basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. May include changes to meet APA or MLA formatting guidelines. (8-12 pages per hour)
  • Copyediting — In addition to proofreading, copyediting involves sentence-level edits to improve readability, clarity, and avoid repetition. (6-10 pages per hour)
  • Content Editing — Provide feedback and suggestions regarding organizational structure, clarity, and whether or not the intended meaning has been expressed (for example, in case studies, are claims being made that are not supported by the evidence presented). (4-8 pages per hour)
  • Writing — Reworking sections of content to create cohesion, clarity, and validity. (1-4 pages per hour)

Editing Rate: $40/hour

Submission Process — Please provide a sample of the work that you would like me to edit, preferably as a Microsoft Word document. I will review a few pages and provide either a sample edit or description of the services I am able to offer, along with a minimum pages-per-hour quote (for example: $40/hour, with a minimum of 6 pages, 250 words each, per hour). If I find a project is taking more time than the original quote, I will contact you to discuss how best to proceed (for instance, providing feedback/suggestions takes much less time than reworking/rewriting sections myself). My rate is based on the actual hours I have worked. I am able to provide links to articles in which the author has recognized my contribution and/or recommendations by university professors upon request.